China warns travelers to avoid travel to Aruba after quake and tsunami

China has urged travelers to leave Aruba, where it has been battling a series of aftershocks and aftersharks since last week, after the quake and tsunamis caused widespread damage and prompted evacuations and cancellations of flights.

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Sunday saying China will not tolerate anyone violating the safety of the Chinese mainland and warned travelers to take precautions.

The statement said China is “willing to respond in accordance with the law and regulations and to take all appropriate measures in the event of further emergencies or accidents.”

China has been in a state of emergency since last Thursday after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit northeastern China, killing at least 12 people and injuring more than 4,000.

The quake was the largest to hit the country in decades and triggered landslides, mudslides and floods that killed hundreds of people and left thousands homeless.

The death toll from the quake has been growing and officials say they expect it to rise as the country responds to the disaster.

Authorities have said China has been preparing for and responding to the quake, and there are fears of additional damaging events from the event.