How to stay safe when you travel to Mexico from US and Canada

I had to cancel my trip to Mexico for my son to stay with us.

He and his family were worried because they were from out of state and needed to get to Mexico on a different flight.

I had no idea what the rules were, but I didn’t want to risk going to Mexico. 

As soon as my husband and I realized I would be unable to make it to Mexico without a visa, we immediately started looking for alternatives.

We had been planning a trip to the Dominican Republic and Mexico for about a month.

We decided to head north to see our friend, who lives in New Jersey.

When we were waiting at the border to get our visa, they told us to check our itinerary and check it again, or else they would charge us fees.

We didn’t realize the visa costs could be up to $600 or more.

I was concerned about the extra fees and the fact that we were going to spend about two weeks in Mexico without knowing if we could stay.

I told them to check the visa application and check that they would only charge us the normal $60 fee.

I also told them that we didn’t know the exact number of people in the country we were traveling with and they could ask us.

They told us they could not charge us that much.

They also told us that if we wanted to go to a place where we didn, we would need to be an American citizen and that we needed to go with a valid visa.

We did not know that there were limits on how much the fees would be.

When they checked our visas, the application fee for the trip had doubled.

The $600 we paid for the flight, plus the visa fees and fees for our two weeks with my son, doubled the $7,000 we were spending.

When I told the Border Patrol agent that I was worried about the visa fee, he told me that it was not the main concern.

He said they were just following the rules, and that it wasn’t going to cost us anything.

I still had to pay for the visa, and it was still higher than what I had planned.

We called the agents and they told me to bring $2,000 to pay off the visa and the $2 fees. 

We were concerned because we wanted our kids to go on a trip and stay with their mom and dad.

When the agents told us the visa charges were up to the amount, they didn’t seem to think that it would be that big a deal.

The agents said they would give us the full amount that we would have to pay.

I felt guilty because I had paid for my travel, but that wasn’t enough to cover all the extra expenses I was going to have to go through.

When my husband was still in Mexico, he called the Border Guard office in Puerto Rico and asked to speak with the officer.

He was told that it could be $100 for a visa and $2 for the extra visa fees.

He told me it was too much.

I didn.

The Border Patrol officer told him that we couldn’t do anything about the fee.

He added that he couldn’t figure out what the exact amount was because it was just the Visa Fee.

The agent said, “They are not going to tell you.”

We called back and they said, “No, we are not telling you that.”

They also said that they couldn’t explain why it was $60 for the Visa and $3 for the additional visa fees, and we needed them to explain to us what was happening.

They said that it wouldn’t be too big of a deal because the agents would tell us.

When our sons returned to the US, I called the US Border Patrol station and explained to them that I didn and that I would have the $600 back in the next day or two.

The officer said,  “I don’t understand.”

I explained that it had been a long week and that he could explain it to me.

I said that we had to figure out how much they were charging us.

The agency said, (They) don’t want us to make any changes.

I explained the situation and the fee and said that I wouldn’t accept anything less than the Visa fee. 

The Border Patrol told us at this point that they had the right to charge us whatever they wanted and that they didn�t want to be in the middle of this mess. 

When my sons returned home, they were scared to death of not being able to visit their mom.

They felt like it was going too far.

My husband told me he would contact the US embassy in Mexico and ask for their help in finding a way to pay the fee for our trip.

I called our family in New York and told them we had already contacted the embassy in Puerto Rica.

I don’t know if they were able to get a response, but they are trying.

We are still waiting