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How to stop travel to Greece from being canceled

Travelers and other travelers should prepare to travel to and from Greece soon, following a decision to ban flights to and through the country.The EU-brokered travel ban was put in place Tuesday and was supposed to take effect on July 1.The ban would have imposed a 2.5% tariff on all flights departing from and to […]

The Top 10 Reasons to Go Away From Your Next Big Event

The next big thing on the calendar is the Super Bowl.I’m so excited to be traveling to New Orleans next week.However, my wife has been getting worried.She’s been feeling sick lately and it seems that she has been contracting the flu, which is also a new strain.My kids are staying home for their first Super […]

US imposes new travel restrictions after ‘unusual’ death of a Connecticut traveller

Authorities in Connecticut are imposing new travel rules after a “unusual” death of an American tourist, according to a statement from the state’s Department of Transportation.The US Coast Guard said it received a distress call on Tuesday afternoon from a stranded American tourist who had been in the state for more than two weeks.The man, […]

This ‘loyal citizen’ of the travel industry will make it to America, but only if he can find a job

The first person to actually get a job working for a travel company is going to be a loyal citizen of the industry, according to a former travel agent who says she’s made her mark.Maryland travel restriction laws require all employees to have a degree in a field of study related to travel.But it’s a […]

Chris Stapleton: Travelling to the UK will be ‘more challenging’ in 2020

Travelling abroad to visit family and friends in the UK is going to be more difficult for most people in 2020, as part of the European Union’s travel ban on the US.Read more: Chris Staps: We’ve been here beforeBut there are some signs of life, as the latest edition of the British Medical Journal published […]

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