How to deal with travel restrictions

Travel restrictions can affect the way you get around the country, from hotels to airports to your flights.

How to keep things simple on the road?

We’ve got a guide to everything you need to know about getting around in India.1.

Get an Indian visa1.1 What are the visa requirements and are there special requirements?

A visa can only be obtained by a person from a country that has an agreement with the Indian government to take care of travellers from that country.

However, there are several different types of visas available.

The Indian government has a visa for travellers who are travelling to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

This visa is valid for a period of 180 days from the date of the application.

The visa is issued for travellers from India only.

The application fee is Rs. 1,500.2.

What do I need to do to get a visa?

To apply for an Indian passport you need your passport number and your email address.

To obtain an Indian travel visa, you need a valid visa.3.

How do I get an Indian tourist visa?

An Indian tourist travel visa is granted by the Indian ministry of external affairs.

It can be issued to citizens of any of the countries listed below.4.

Can I apply for a visa from outside India?

Yes, you can apply for any visa from the UK, Canada or any other country in the world.

You must pay the visa application fee of Rs. 500.5.

How long will my visa stay?

Your visa will stay in the country you are applying for.

The time limit for your visa will be 180 days.

If you are a British citizen, you may apply for your Indian visa for up to 30 days.

If you are from another country and want to apply for the visa, the application fee for the Indian tourist visas can be paid by the issuing agency, or it can be done directly with the issuing department.6.

What happens if I get a delayed visa?

Your application is supposed to be processed by the local customs office within 48 hours.

However if you get a delay in processing your application, you have to pay a deposit of Rs 500.7.

What if I miss the deadline?

If you miss the time limits or do not pay the deposit by the deadline, you will have to return to your passport office to complete your visa application.8.

Can you cancel my visa?

You can cancel your visa at any time and do not have to reapply to another country.

The Indian government does not offer any cancellation option for tourists.9.

Can Indian nationals apply for foreign visas?

You are not allowed to apply as a tourist from India.

However the Indian Embassy of the United Kingdom can offer you a visa if you are entitled to it by the British Overseas Territories and you can provide a valid passport number for this purpose.10.

What about the United States?

There is no specific restriction on foreign travel.

However visa applications from the US will be processed in the same way as applications from India, so you must apply by the time you get your visa.11.

What can I do to protect myself if I’m in India?

If a visa is denied, it will not affect you in any way.

However you can still be in India to visit your relatives or friends.

If your relatives get arrested, you are not entitled to a visa.