Why the US is considering a ban on foreign travel to Mexico

The United States is considering taking a more restrictive stance on foreign travelers, and the US has no idea why.

Travel experts say the ban is needed to keep the US from being overrun by illegal immigrants from Central America, but there’s no solid evidence to back it up.

Mexico has become the primary transit country for Central American migrants and it is believed that thousands of Central Americans have arrived in the US.

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto said last week that his country would not accept more migrants from the US, and said he has instructed border agents to stop taking migrants from Mexico and other countries that have the most to gain by being the first to open their borders.

However, there is no solid reason to think the US would be able to handle the influx of immigrants from Mexico without taking action.

Many of the migrants arriving in the United States are coming from Mexico, which has been one of the main countries of origin for the migrants, especially after the US approved the Keystone XL pipeline last year.

The pipeline has also led to increased demand for American labour and jobs, and it has been estimated that some 20,000 Central American workers have been forced to leave their homes and work as domestic servants in the country.