Why you should stop using Uber and Lyft to travel in Israel

Share this article Share It’s been an emotional year for many in Israel and across the world, but one thing has remained constant: driving.

Many Israelis have been frustrated with the state of their roads, and the cost of maintaining them.

Many have become drivers themselves, often with the help of their family members.

Uber has helped them get by, and Lyft has made the world a better place for people to travel.

In this article, we explore the challenges of driving in Israel, the benefits of Uber and what you can do to help.

Israel’s transportation system, which is plagued by congestion, is not nearly as well managed as the U.S., but the Israeli government is trying to change that.

Israel’s transportation authorities are struggling to manage traffic, so they have taken a number of steps to ease traffic congestion.

The new Transportation Law has streamlined the traffic rules and created a number new policies that encourage driverless cars.

Here are some of the key steps taken by the government: New rules for driving in Israeli cities