Maine’s Senate passes bill to stop people who travel abroad to work

Maine’s senators have passed a bill that would block federal employees from being paid if they travel overseas to work.

The Senate voted 49-47 Tuesday to approve the bill, which is currently in the House.

It was the third such bill passed in the past two years.

The bill would allow employers to opt out of a federal law requiring workers to pay for trips they take abroad, such as to Europe, Canada or the U.K. to visit relatives or for medical treatment.

It also would allow employees to waive the law if they work from home.

The House has yet to vote on the bill.

House Speaker Sara Gideon (D-Portland) said the bill will be considered by the House Rules Committee on Thursday and that she expects to pass it.

The House passed a similar bill in 2013 that would have made it illegal for federal employees to receive overtime pay for working more than 80 hours in a calendar year.

That bill also was defeated in the Senate.