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Cancun, Mexico – Cancun Tourism Authority (CTA) has banned the use of mobile phones and laptops at all its tourist sites, with the exception of the airport, after a string of recent terrorist attacks.

The ban follows a string that began in March when a group of armed men armed with machetes stormed a hotel in the seaside resort town of Barinas, killing two people and injuring nine others.

Authorities have since tightened security at some tourist attractions, with many hotels having been evacuated as a precaution.

But the CTA says it is trying to keep visitors from using phones or using laptops.

The agency says in a statement that it will implement a strict no-cell phone policy at tourist sites from now on.

“The CTA has taken a decision to prohibit the use or use of electronic devices, including mobile phones, at all tourist sites,” the statement says.

The CTAs statement came after the agency announced the ban on Saturday, which was the first step in a more comprehensive ban that includes hotels, casinos, cruise ships and other places that could be targeted.

In a statement, CTAs spokesman Eduardo Perez said: “The CTI has a policy against the use and use of cellphones and mobile phones for travel and to meet people.

It has been implemented to maintain public safety and reduce the risk of attacks.”

The ban comes after a series of attacks in which armed groups from various countries, including ISIS, carried out attacks in and around the Mexican city of Cancu, killing more than 20 people, mostly tourists.