Florida Gov. Rick Scott orders travel restrictions for all state residents as travel advisory remains in place

FLORIDA — Florida Gov, Rick Scott, has issued a travel advisory ordering all residents of the state to adhere to new restrictions that will take effect Jan. 10, according to a press release issued by his office.

The travel advisory is part of a package of changes the governor announced earlier this month that included curbing the number of visas issued for certain groups, as well as curbing admissions from certain countries.

Scott has said he plans to sign the travel advisory as soon as the U.S. Congress approves it.

The governor said the new travel advisory will be in place starting Friday and will be implemented immediately.

In addition to the travel restrictions that apply to the state, Scott has ordered that state-issued visas be returned to the federal government for use in the U-turn process, Scott said.

The governor’s travel advisory also contains a new state requirement for all residents to check in with local law enforcement before traveling to any other state.

The law requires that the law enforcement officials be authorized to issue a U-Turn, or temporary travel permit, before issuing a visa.

The change comes as Scott has sought to restrict immigration to the U -turn visa, which allows travelers to bypass the U visa process and return to the country of their choice, to ease concerns about terrorism and immigration.

Trump has said that the new rules are intended to make it easier for Americans to enter the U .

-turn process and get into the country.

He said he wanted to reduce immigration by more than 10 percent by imposing tougher restrictions on visas.