India travel ban ‘isn’t going to work’ for most of the world

New Delhi, Oct. 3 (UPI) Indian travel bans have become the new normal for many of the country’s major cities and towns, but the rules aren’t working as intended for most travelers.

The World Health Organization estimates nearly two-thirds of all travelers in India have been subject to a travel ban in the last year, according to a new report from The Wall St. Journal.

The new report, titled “The End of a Travel Ban: The Biggest Shortage of Travel,” highlights a wide range of restrictions in the Indian government, ranging from restrictions on business travel, to a ban on the use of the Internet, to restrictions on public transport.

Among the restrictions are restrictions on foreign workers, a ban that has been widely criticized, and restrictions on the sale of tobacco, as well as a ban against selling alcohol.

The restrictions come as the government is pushing to curb rising deaths and diseases linked to air pollution, the WHO says.

A ban on smoking and alcohol has also been implemented in some areas, as have restrictions on use of electronic devices and access to information technology.

But the WHO report also highlights how restrictions can cause confusion, as many people still don’t understand the new rules, according, The Wall Sto.


The World Health organization is the international health agency that advises governments and the public on health issues.

While the restrictions have been widely praised, many travelers have criticized the restrictions as unfair.

India is among the countries that has faced criticism for its restrictions on electronic devices, which are among the most popular among many of its citizens.

The country’s most popular electronic device is the iPhone, which is widely considered to be the most advanced mobile phone in the world.

The ban on cellphones has been controversial because of concerns that it would limit people’s freedom of movement.

The WHO report found that the ban on mobile phones and tablets has caused confusion among people who are unfamiliar with the new restrictions.

In addition to the ban, India’s government has also restricted access to the Internet and blocked a number of websites.

The country has also banned foreign students from attending the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Delhi, which begin Oct. 10.