When is the next international travel restriction?

A new international travel ban has been introduced to Europe, which has imposed restrictions on several European countries including Iceland and the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The move comes as tensions continue to rise in the Middle East between the US and the Islamic State group.

The European Commission announced that it would take measures on Friday to impose the travel restrictions, which will apply to the entire European Union and to Iceland and Norway as well as to Sweden, the Nordic states of Finland and Iceland, Norway’s capital, and its main island, Stavanger.

In a statement, the Commission said the new measures will cover 90% of the European Union.

The Commission is also considering banning flights from the United States and from the European mainland.

The European Parliament, the European Parliament’s ruling body, has been pressing the Commission to impose an outright travel ban on Europe.

The Commission has said it will consider the recommendations of the parliament, but that the Commission would first consult with the EU executive.

The European Parliament said it was concerned by the new travel restrictions and was calling on the Commission “to impose an immediate and comprehensive travel ban.”

The Council of Europe’s executive arm, the Council of the Atlantic, called on the EU to lift the restrictions and said the bloc was not prepared to allow more than 80% of its citizens to travel to the Middle Eastern countries.

The EU executive is due to meet next week to decide on the new EU measures, which have the support of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France and the Netherlands.

The bloc is facing the biggest threat to its security since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The United States has also stepped up travel restrictions to the region as a reaction to the travel bans imposed in other countries, but the EU has yet to impose any restrictions.

President Trump, who has also been criticised for his response to the terror attacks, has also said that he will impose a travel ban in Europe, but he has not specified when it would occur.