German travelers in limbo after visa restrictions

The German government has announced new travel restrictions on its citizens after Germanwings flight 8525 crashed in the French Alps.

The decision comes as many Germans have been returning to the country after the devastating crash of Germanwings plane 9525 last week.

Germany’s government announced the changes in a statement late Tuesday.

“Following a thorough review of the crash, which resulted in the loss of all 175 lives, it was decided to temporarily impose temporary restrictions on the movement of German citizens, who were travelling to and from the Netherlands and Switzerland,” the statement said.

“We expect the affected passengers to be able to re-enter the country on Tuesday.”

Germans travel to the Netherlands in large numbers for holidays, and travel restrictions were also imposed on German citizens traveling to Spain and the Netherlands.

The news comes as Germany is facing increasing economic woes as it struggles to meet demand for consumer goods after the country’s labor market is hit hard by the economic crisis.