Melbourne travel ban to be enforced by the end of the week

A new travel ban on Australians travelling to Australia has been implemented by the state government.

Melbourne’s Mayor Clover Moore says the move follows a recommendation by the State Emergency Services Commission (SESC).

The SESC recommended that a similar travel ban be imposed by the ACT Government, with the aim of preventing Australians from travelling to other states.

Ms Moore said the ban would be enforced on Friday and Saturday.

“There’s a lot of confusion about what we’re doing and the people of Melbourne are saying to us: ‘I don’t understand what we are doing,'” Ms Moore said.

Her advice was to implement the travel ban in the same way as the ACT has done.

The move is designed to make sure the Government is enforcing the travel restrictions as quickly as possible, Ms Moore added.

It follows recommendations made by the SESCs Commission for a similar ban in January, which was also implemented by Victoria.

Ms Moore has urged people to follow Victoria’s example, with a travel ban as well as other measures in place.

“If you’ve got something to do and you’re on the beach and you want to go and do some shopping or do something fun, just go to the beach,” she said.

Ms Simons says Melbourne has been a popular destination for visitors, particularly in the summer months, for the past decade.

She says the travel suspension will have a positive impact on tourism.

“When we look at our business as a whole, when we look around the world, we’ve had some fantastic years.

We’ve had fantastic business, and now the people in Melbourne, people in Sydney, people everywhere are saying: ‘Look, this is the way we’re going to have to do it’,” Ms Simons said.

She says she is also concerned about how the ban will affect Australian workers.

As a result of the ban, Victoria will be unable to provide visa services to Australians and the Government has ordered its visa offices to stop sending visas to Victoria.