When is the CTA’s coffee mug program ending?

CTA travelers are going to have a new coffee mug to carry on their journey to work.

The new coffee cup, which is available at several CTA locations, will be available at Chicago Transit Authority buses, CTA stations, and stations throughout the system starting on Oct. 3, according to the CMA.

Chette is the latest company to introduce a new CTA coffee mug.

Last year, Dunkin Brands launched its CTA Coffee Mug at a CTA bus stop.

This year, Starbucks launched a new, new CBA coffee mug at its Bloomingdale’s location on Chicago’s South Side.

Other companies including Blue Bottle, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Urban Outfitters have also launched new coffee mags at their stores.

The CTA is partnering with Dunkin to introduce its new coffee cups.

The CTA has been testing the new coffee Mug at stops in the Loop and other neighborhoods, and has even tested the coffee mug in the parking lot at the Cermak Transportation Center.

The coffee mug is a compact, reusable coffee mug with a magnetic closure and removable lid.

CTA riders can carry the coffee Mug to work, shopping, or any other destination that allows them to bring their own beverage to work or pick up a cup from a Starbucks.CTA officials said the CBA is also looking to incorporate more coffee options into its existing coffee mug offerings, such as the Cta-branded, non-alcoholic beverage.

The city recently launched a website to let commuters know about all the coffee locations on the CCTA system.