US imposes new travel restrictions after ‘unusual’ death of a Connecticut traveller

Authorities in Connecticut are imposing new travel rules after a “unusual” death of an American tourist, according to a statement from the state’s Department of Transportation.

The US Coast Guard said it received a distress call on Tuesday afternoon from a stranded American tourist who had been in the state for more than two weeks.

The man, identified as Christopher R. Brown, 59, of Westport, Connecticut, died on Sunday at a hospital after suffering a heart attack, the state transportation department said in a statement.

The Coast Guard initially responded to the call but decided to wait for a medical examiner’s report on Brown’s death before instituting new restrictions.

The statement from Transportation Commissioner Mike O’Brien said that the department’s decision was made based on information received from the local authorities, the US Coast Guards’ Hazardous Vessels and Aircraft Warning Center and the National Transportation Safety Board.

O’Brien noted that the US government has also issued additional safety measures for Americans who travel to Connecticut, including a travel warning and additional state restrictions on the state.

“This is an unusual death,” he said.

“It’s been an unusual situation and we need to get to the bottom of it.”

O’Briens office said the Coast Guard will review the findings of the medical examiner and determine whether further measures are needed.

The state transportation office also said that its state police would be responsible for determining how to move the man’s body.

Omar Brown, Brown’s cousin, said he was shocked to learn of the new restrictions and said they were “ridiculous”.

“They should just let him go.

He was just going to do what he loved,” Omar Brown said.”

I don’t understand why he was singled out for this and why they thought he was a risk to others.””

I have to say it’s heartbreaking.

He never wanted to be in this state.

He wanted to live in the US.”

Brown and his family were traveling to Washington DC to attend the annual meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) to attend an emergency meeting on the Ebola outbreak.

The family had planned to return to Connecticut to take advantage of the state travel restrictions to travel to Washington and return home safely.

However, Brown was found dead on Sunday in a Connecticut hospital, and his funeral is being planned on Friday.