New Hawaii rules are expected to impose travel restrictions and restrictions on visitors to the Hawaiian islands

Hawaii is expected to ban flights to the U.S. by the end of the week, with President Donald Trump’s administration signaling it will impose travel and tourism restrictions on the islands.

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie announced the ban on Sunday morning, saying that it will begin in mid-October, with the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources issuing a similar ban on Tuesday.

Trump signed the bill into law on April 30, which has led to a spike in cancellations and delays.

The president signed the legislation into law after signing a new immigration executive order that made it easier for U.K.-based people from the U, U.A., and U.C.

C countries to come to the country and into the U-visa process.

Abercrome said on Twitter that the new executive order would be “the most restrictive and expedited process for those with green cards in years.”

“As you know, the Trump administration has consistently ignored our laws, ignored the law, ignored our values and disregarded our laws,” Abercroman said in a statement.

“I am asking that you help us restore our democracy and protect our nation from the threat of terrorism.”

The Hawaii Department’s website has been down for several days, and Trump signed a new order in midweek allowing the UAP (United States Parcel Service) to process business between the state and the islands, and also allowing people from China and Japan to enter the state through U.B.E. ports, with those visas expiring this week.

The president said the new orders were “designed to ensure the safety and security of our citizens.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.