How to plan your trip to Hawaii to see if you can go abroad again

AUSTIN — The state of Hawaii is considering new regulations that would bar travelers from going to countries that have declared war on American citizens or businesses.


Doug Ducey signed the bill Friday, and it could affect more than half a million Americans.

The legislation also aims to prohibit companies from retaliating against companies that employ U.S. citizens and residents who criticize U.K. President Donald Trump.

The legislation is in response to a federal order signed by Trump in March that temporarily suspended the U.N. sanctions against Qatar.

The state also says the legislation will prevent U.KS. residents from going overseas to the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The measure was first reported by the Associated Press.

Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin has already issued a legal notice to all the states to file an objection to the bill.

It could have wide-ranging effects.

Hawaiian businesses could lose their licenses if they’re involved in the U and UK sanctions, but also face legal jeopardy if they do business with the affected countries.

The new rules also apply to individuals who are citizens or residents of those countries.

Ducey says the bill will make it more difficult for the state to get visas for Americans who want to visit the U.-Korea War Memorial in Hawaii, for example.

The Hawaii law also applies to visitors from the Middle East, and some of the new rules are expected to be challenged by the courts.

Duceyan says he is working with state and federal agencies to develop a set of guidance for businesses, universities and universities in Hawaii.

Dike Meehan, a Hawaii state representative, says the new law will be an important step in the effort to end the U-Korea war.

He says the state has a long history of protecting its citizens from attacks.