When is your next trip to Hawaii?

Travellers can expect a long winter for the southern hemisphere with the colder temperatures.

The cold snap will begin in Hawaii on Thursday with temperatures expected to dip below -20C.

It is forecast that highs will drop to the mid-30s on Friday and stay at that level until the next week.

It’s expected that the average daily minimum temperature for Hawaii will drop by 5 degrees Celsius from Wednesday night to Thursday morning.

On Thursday, the temperature will fall to a chilly -23C in Honolulu and will drop back to the 30s on Saturday morning.

There will be an average daily maximum temperature of 28 degrees in Honolulu from Thursday night until Saturday morning.

“We will see the highest temperature of the week on Saturday,” said Weather Channel Meteorologist Dave Smith.

“We expect a strong cold front that will push the cold air inland, and possibly even rain and snow.”

Hawaii’s weather system is forecast to bring temperatures of around 10C.

In the western part of the state, temperatures are forecast to drop to around -15C.

“It’s very likely that the rain season will be limited,” said Joe DeMartini, Hawaii’s chief weather officer.

The city of Honolulu, the capital, is expecting to see temperatures in the 30-40C range on Saturday and Sunday.

The southern parts of the island will experience a temperature of around -30C, which is about one degree below normal.

The forecast does not include a snowstorm in the central part of Hawaii, and it’s expected to remain mild.

The state’s National Weather Service said there will be some minor snowfall on the north shore of Kauai on Saturday, but no major snowfall.