Which countries are the hardest hit by travel restrictions in the world

The travel restrictions imposed on Australia in recent months have left many people scrambling for flights, but a new report has revealed some of the biggest cities and states affected.

The report, from the Australian Institute of Public Affairs (AIPA), estimates that around 8.2 million Australians are now unable to fly.

Key points:AIPa says around 8 million Australians can no longer travel without a valid visa The AIPA report says that Sydney is Australia’s worst hit city It says the Government’s travel restrictions are likely to have a huge impact on tourism in Australia’s capital, Sydney.

AIPs report, entitled Australia’s Biggest Cities, shows that in the past 12 months, more than 800,000 visas were cancelled, while more than 1.8 million visas were issued for people to stay in Australia without a visa.

“The Government has done the most to disrupt Australian travel in recent years, and now the situation is even worse,” said AIPa’s research chief Professor Richard Hahn.

Professor Hahn said the Government had been making “significant mistakes” with the visa system.

“We have seen the introduction of a new visa type, the ‘green card’, that is not a genuine green card.”

It is essentially a temporary, non-permanent, non entitlement visa that does not expire,” he said.

This means people who have had a visa issued for more than 10 years are now forced to return to the country they came from, while those who had been granted a visa to stay for less than 10 months are now barred from travelling for five years.

Professor Hohn said it was not just Australians who were affected by the changes.”

In the past year, we have seen a large number of Australians from overseas, particularly people from the Middle East, and South Asia, return to Australia in search of work and opportunities,” he told the ABC.

He said there was also a “growing” shortage of doctors in the country.

Professor Hansan said while some restrictions had been eased, there was a risk that people might not be able travel, or not find a job, for many months. “

Some people may be able to get work for a while but the majority will be very much affected,” he added.

Professor Hansan said while some restrictions had been eased, there was a risk that people might not be able travel, or not find a job, for many months.

While some countries were expected to make up for the lost revenue of the restrictions, Professor Hansan warned that some restrictions were “likely to be extremely damaging to business”.

“This is a situation that could impact on the Australian economy in terms of job creation and investment,” he warned.

Australia’s economy has been hurt by the visa restrictions, and some experts are calling for them to be lifted.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce said the visa policy was not working.

“The impact on travel is a serious problem and a serious blow to our economy,” said the group’s CEO, Michael Dingle.

Mr Dingle said Australia needed to “do the right thing”.

“The only way to fix this problem is to lift all of the visas,” he insisted.