How to be safe in Indonesia’s travel ban

The United States has imposed a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, with Australian authorities saying it will apply to people from the country, Australia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

The countries affected are Burma, China, Djibouti, Iran and Pakistan.

The US is also restricting travel to and from Turkey.

The travel ban affects some Australian citizens.

There are no specific details about the countries that will be impacted.

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection said it was implementing the US travel ban.

“The department is committed to protecting the rights of Australians,” a spokesperson said.

“Australian citizens in the US will not be affected by the travel ban, although it will still have an impact on them.”

What do the rules say?

The US government says the ban covers all people from Iran, Syria, Iraq and Sudan.

However, some of those countries are listed as “terrorist states” in a 2016 UN report.

The State Department said the ban would apply to any country that “has been identified as a source of support for ISIL or has taken action to recruit for ISIL”.

The US says the US and Australian governments “recognise the need to protect Australian citizens and residents, but this includes protecting Australian citizens who travel to or from the US”.

The ban is currently in effect, but it could be expanded to include people from seven countries: Burma, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran , Iraq, Libya and Somalia.

What do other countries say?

Australia has previously said it would welcome the US-imposed travel ban because of the security challenges it would pose to travellers from the affected countries.

It has said that countries which do not fully implement the ban will face increased scrutiny.

China has also expressed concern over the travel bans, saying it would need to be careful and careful about its actions.

The Chinese foreign ministry has called on the US to rescind the travel restrictions.

A US official said there was no change in the country’s travel policy.

“We’re continuing to closely monitor the situation in the region, including the threat posed by the so-called Islamic State group and other terrorist groups, and we remain committed to working with our allies to combat these threats,” the official said.

In its statement, the State Department did not directly address the specific countries which have been included in the ban, but said that all the countries affected would face increased screening.