Why does the U.S. need a new travel ban?

The U.K. will not be subject to a new U.N. travel ban, the U,K.

government announced Tuesday.

The decision to stay in place was made on the advice of the European Union and the United States, the Department for International Development said in a statement.

The EU had been concerned about the travel restrictions imposed by President Donald Trump on June 5, saying they were causing havoc in the European market and were threatening the flow of tourists and businesses to the U and the U .


This is a welcome step to help reduce friction on our southern border,” the British government said in the statement.

However, U.A.E. countries that were on the U.,K.

travel list will still be affected, including the Uganda and Djibouti.

The European Union said in its statement that it was not able to verify that the EU countries are safe to travel.

The U,S.

travel restrictions also affect European Union countries, including Poland and Estonia, which are not part of the U-K.

The United Kingdom has also been affected by a new ban on visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The Trump administration said the bans would remain in place for 90 days.

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Foreign Office issued a similar statement saying it was “very pleased that the U K Government has now issued a new temporary travel ban on the basis of national security.”

The U-B.

Es statement said that the decision was based on the “strong security and security-related advice” of the E.U. countries and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Trump administration will not revise ban as he does on Iraq, Iran and SomaliaSources: Associated Press, Reuters, Associated Press (U.K.), Associated Press