Rio de Janeiro bans US tourists after storm – Associated Press

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) – Brazil is temporarily halting international travel to the United States and other countries following Tropical Storm Jose, the federal government said Saturday.

It’s the latest in a string of storms that have ravaged the country in recent months, and the worst since the end of the century.

The U.S. Embassy in Brazil’s capital said Saturday that visitors from the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand will not be allowed to visit Brazil, with a similar policy for visitors from Mexico and South Korea.

Brazil’s president, Michel Temer, said the U.N. had declared a Category 3 storm warning and declared a disaster zone in the country, and urged the public to prepare.

Temer said in a statement that it was too soon to say if the storm would be a precursor to another Category 3.

But he said the government was taking steps to ensure that the storm does not pose a threat to public safety.

Temers statement said Rio de Campeche, a coastal city in northeastern Brazil, had been placed under a state of emergency, and a curfew had been imposed in the city.

Brazil is one of the world’s largest exporters of cotton, rice and soybeans.

The country has also been hit by a string, including a series of cyclones and hurricanes that battered the South American nation in recent years.

Brazil’s government on Saturday warned residents to take precautions, and advised against all outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking and swimming, as it was affected by the storm.

Temest, who has faced criticism for a lack of preparedness, has said the storm is more dangerous than a hurricane.