The Federal Government is set to apply for the full financial support of a new interstate travel policy for all Australian travellers, including those travelling to or from the Middle East.

The Government has been working on the policy for some time and is expected to formally release the final version of the plan on Monday, but it will be accompanied by some of the country’s top travel advisers.

A total of 6,000 people are to apply.

The travel restriction applies to all Australians travelling to the Middle Eastern countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Egypt.

“This policy is the result of many years of work by a number of our travel advisers and experts,” Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said.

“We’ve had the consultation, the feedback, the hard work and it’s a very welcome development.”

Ms Bishop said she believed the policy was a positive step towards “a world where people can travel to the region without having to fear for their safety”.

“I have a great deal of faith that our Middle East colleagues will understand the value of this policy, understand the benefit of this decision and will work with us to ensure that Australia is an open, safe and secure travel region,” she said.

Ms Bishop is expected in Sydney on Monday for a Cabinet meeting with Australian Business and Industry Minister Peter Dutton and Defence Minister Marise Payne.

The new policy covers all passengers, including Australians and permanent residents, and will apply to travel to, from or within Australia.

It will also apply to passengers travelling to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, UAE and the United Arab Emirates.

Travel restrictions apply to the US, the European Union and the Gulf states.

The Federal Government will not pay the full cost of the policy but it could come to more than $4 billion.

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Minister said the Government is committed to promoting freedom of movement around the world and will seek to provide greater transparency and openness with regard to policy development.

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