How to take advantage of Florida’s Palm Beach Airport travel restrictions

FLORIDA — The Florida Department of Transportation said Friday that it will not allow travelers to board a plane from Orlando to Orlando-Daytona Beach unless they have a ticket that shows they have the proper ID.

The decision came after a group of people who had been in a dispute with a passenger at a Orlando-Lakeland airport in October filed a lawsuit against the agency.

They said they were denied entry and were later turned away because of the ID rule.

But Florida Department spokesman Dave Scott said the state has no plans to revoke any travel permits.

We have no plans whatsoever to revoke an ID or any other type of permit, he said.

I do know that we have a very strict ID requirement in place.

I do know there is no place in the United States that doesn’t require that you have an ID to travel.

It’s an important requirement for the safety of our citizens.

Scott said there are a number of restrictions in place for travelers in Florida, including that travelers must have the appropriate identification to board and that passengers must have a valid driver’s license to board.

Florida has the highest number of people without IDs in the country.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been more than 2,600 complaints filed against drivers who have not displayed proper ID, Scott said.

The state has said the rules are meant to prevent fraud and to make sure that passengers have access to the proper identification to travel to and from the airport.

People with IDs should also be familiar with the policies of the Florida Department for the Management of Transportation.

Anyone with questions about Florida’s ID policy should contact the state’s Consumer Services Department at (850) 794-4824.