Bunkhouse travel trailers to be used for illegal travel to Hawaii

Travel trailers designed to allow illegal immigration to Hawaii will be allowed in a new class of legal travel vehicle to allow people to travel the state in the event of an emergency, the state’s Department of Transportation said in a release Tuesday.

The new travel trailer class, which is designed to be driven by non-residents, is a response to the travel restrictions placed on the island of Oahu after Hurricane Matthew hit in late October.

It is not clear whether the new travel trailers will be used by people already living in Hawaii.

The department is also working to make the new vehicles available to other states that have travel restrictions.

In a statement, DOT spokeswoman Jennifer Hickey said the department is taking steps to ensure Hawaii residents can safely travel.

“The Department of Public Safety (DPS) will review the application to see if the vehicle meets the requirements of the law and is approved for use,” she said.

Travel trailers have become popular among undocumented immigrants, who say they are easy to rent and use as temporary housing during times of need.

In the wake of the hurricane, the DHS issued more than 100,000 temporary visas and waivers for residents of the island.