How to travel without a visa in Thailand

Thailand is cracking down on visa-free travel in the kingdom after a spike in tourists.

But there are still many who say they will miss out on the holiday resorts and other cultural attractions.

Thailand’s tourism board said Monday it is restricting visas for those in the tourism industry and would allow visitors who have a visa but have not worked in Thailand for more than six months to work as tourists, Reuters reported.

It also said that those who have been in Thailand since March 2016 will be allowed to stay in the country.

There are a few exceptions, though, such as those who are visiting family members and visiting in-country for the first time, according to the news agency.

Thai authorities have been trying to clamp down on travel in recent months.

The country had reported a 5 percent jump in tourists last year, but tourism has been booming since President Prayuth Chan-ocha took office in late 2015.