Why are Australia and New Zealand facing travel restrictions?

New Zealand and Australia are facing travel bans from the United Kingdom, where the country’s Parliament has passed a bill to allow for the use of facial recognition technology to track people’s whereabouts in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The measures were approved by Parliament on Thursday in a vote which saw a bipartisan majority of MPs in both countries voting in favour of the legislation, which is expected to pass into law on January 7.

In Australia, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has already indicated that her government will seek to implement a similar ban in the coming weeks.

New Zealand has been the focus of growing international concerns over the use by law enforcement agencies of facial data, which can reveal personal information on people, including their ethnic background, gender, religion and political leanings.

The UK has also come under scrutiny, with the UK’s National Crime Agency and the Home Office, both under pressure from privacy groups to crack down on the use and abuse of facial-recognition technology.

Both the United States and France are also facing restrictions, with both countries reportedly seeking to implement their own laws, as well as those of other countries, in response to the attacks.

What are the travel restrictions for?

The new legislation is part of a wider package of measures to tackle extremism, terrorism and extremism, including the establishment of a new intelligence agency.

It would allow police to share information with other authorities in the US and Canada, including law enforcement.

It would also allow police access to personal information from mobile phones, internet and social media sites, which would include the locations of the devices used.

It has also been proposed that all citizens aged 18 or over could be subject to mandatory identity checks, including on the grounds that they pose a risk to the community.

The government is also seeking to limit the number of flights permitted from New Zealand to the United Arab Emirates, which are currently exempt from New York’s restrictions, and from Australia to Hong Kong, which the country has already suspended.

The legislation would also restrict the number and number of visas allowed from the UK to the European Union.

What is Australia’s travel ban?

Australia’s government has announced that it is suspending all travel to the country and suspending the visa waiver program for those visiting the country.

Australia’s visa waiver scheme is designed to facilitate visa-free travel for people from around the world who want to visit Australia.

However, it will not apply to citizens of the US, Canada, France, the UK and Germany, who are currently able to enter Australia on a travel visa.

What can people expect from travel restrictions in the United and UK?

There are no immediate plans to implement any changes to Australia’s immigration restrictions, but some people have been advised to be vigilant.

While there are no specific travel restrictions affecting New Zealand, Australians have been warned to be cautious and be careful if they travel to New Zealand.

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