How to get to the rink for the World Cup of Hockey?

By: Chris Johnston | WriterWith the NHL World Cup underway, it’s the perfect time to plan your next vacation trip, with all of the travel perks available to the fans.

From air travel to hotel stays and accommodation in Canada, there are plenty of ways to explore the sport in style.

Here’s what you need to know about the NHL’s summer travel.1.

How do you get to and from the World’s Greatest Show on Ice?

You can take a short bus ride to the World Showcase in Calgary.

That’s not all it takes though.

The rink is located at the top of the Calgary International Airport, right next to the Air Canada Centre.

It takes about an hour and a half to drive to the Calgary airport and about an extra hour to drive back.

The bus takes about 30 minutes.

It’s also about 10 minutes from the airport to the IcePlex.

There’s plenty of parking for the bus, as well as for the Iceplex.

It’ll cost you about $10.00 per hour for a spot.

You can also rent a trailer, but that’s more expensive.

It costs about $20.00 for a rental, which is just over $10 per hour.

You should also check out the IceHockey Lounge at the Ice Palace for a great selection of ice hockey games and other fun activities.2.

What do you do at the ice rink?

The NHL and the National Hockey League Players Association have teamed up to make ice hockey a regular part of the summer schedule for the entire league.

There are five different teams competing at the World Championships in Sochi.

There’s also a tournament in the Czech Republic, which will be held in October.

The team that wins the tournament will play in the World Championship.

Here are the games:1.

Canada vs. USA (Oct. 15, 2018)2.

Finland vs. Switzerland (Oct 17, 2018, 6 p.m.


Russia vs. Sweden (Oct 18, 2018), 7 p.s.m., CBC4.

Sweden vs. Denmark (Oct 20, 2018; 8 p..m.; CBC)5.

Finland Vs.

Russia (Oct 21, 2018); 7 p