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The job market is improving for travel companies, and they’re also hiring more workers than ever before, according to the Travel CNA Jobs Index released Monday.

The travel industry is also hiring at a record pace, the index shows, with travel companies hiring more than 3,000 workers per day in September.

But while the jobs numbers are encouraging, there are some challenges ahead for the travel industry.

Travelers are still facing long waits at airports and waiting times at many places are too long for many travelers.

In some cases, the travel companies are offering discounts to help travelers wait, which means some travelers may not see a return on their investment.

The index also found that travel agencies are seeing more customers than ever, and many are taking on additional staff to help with the influx.

But with the job market still struggling, many travel agencies aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities.

“I’m not a travel agent, I’ve never been one.

I don’t want to be one,” said one travel agency worker.

The Travel C na’s job market in particular is in a tough spot.

The company announced in September that it had lost more than 1,000 jobs since September, and its total workforce is down more than 6,000 people.

The decline has been driven in part by the decline of travel companies like Disney and Airbnb, which have been unable to compete with the booming popularity of online travel.

While the company said it was focused on growing its business and finding more employees, the company’s CEO said the company was losing customers because of the economic downturn.

“We are losing money because people are not coming to us,” said Steve Dolan.

“The travel industry has lost so much of its core customer base, which is people who travel by air and ship,” said the TravelCna’s CEO, Kevin Cappuccio.

“It’s very hard for them to find something they’re looking for, and we can’t continue to offer that.”

The company’s biggest issue right now is finding new ways to expand its business, and the Travel Council of North America said that the company needs to invest more money to attract more customers.

The council said that while the company could continue to increase revenue by increasing its travel inventory, the investment would be a loss to the travel market.

“In addition to the short-term pain, the Travel Coalition believes that a return to the days of large, bloated, profitable travel agencies and hotels, with a high-margin service that relies on the best in technology and marketing, would result in significant losses for the industry,” said John Siegel, the CEO of the travel council.

“While the travel business has been growing and is growing at a faster rate than the broader economy, we are concerned that the industry is in need of significant changes that will restore profitability.” 

Cappuccia said that he is working with other travel agencies to find ways to attract customers back to their travel services.

“You have to build a community of people who are passionate about what they do,” he said.

“And the travel community is so important to our business.” 

While Cappucci is optimistic about the company, there is a catch.

He said he would like to see more travel companies expand beyond travel.

“This is a great opportunity for us,” he told ABC News.

“What we’re doing is really the best, and there are better ways to do this.

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There’s no other industry that has so many people working, but it’s a very small part of our business,” he added. 

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