Southwest Airlines and Southwest Airlines travel restrictions: What you need to know

AUSTRALIA: The Federal Government has introduced a series of travel restrictions for travellers from the Central American nation of Colombia.

The restrictions apply to all travel to and from South America. 

According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, travellers who plan to travel to or from the country of Colombia should check the following for their travel plans: A valid travel visa for travel to South America and its territories from the date of their departure. 

A ticket that shows the date the travel is scheduled to end, or a letter from the airline or airline company stating the reasons for cancelling the travel. 

Valid passport. 

Passport or travel documents for travel outside of South America (including to and through Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Peru). 

A travel itinerary that contains a specific itinerary for the destination country. 

Travelling from the Colombia region to South American countries is not affected by the restrictions. 

The US is the only country to prohibit travellers from Colombia from flying to South Americas, but it does not apply to travellers from Canada. 

Colombia is not part of the South America Economic Community (CELAC), the regional grouping of countries that include Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguada, Ecuador and Venezuela. 

Travel restrictions are the latest in a series since Colombia declared a state of emergency on 1 July, with travel restrictions being imposed across the country, including for airlines and cruise ships.

The Federal Government announced on Monday it would extend the state of Emergency until the end of November.

Colombia has been in a state to declare a state in the wake of the January 2014 coup attempt that killed President Juan Manuel Santos and sparked the current conflict in the region. 

“These travel restrictions are being implemented in accordance with the provisions of the law,” Immigration Minister Simon Corizon said.

“The government of Colombia has taken this action in order to prevent terrorist organisations from travelling to Colombia and to combat terrorism in the country.” 

What you need in your travel plan A valid travel document from the State of Emergency to the date on which travel is to end (or if the travel has already ended).

A letter from a travel agent or airline confirming the reason for canceling travel.

A letter or itinerary from the company providing the travel, showing the date travel is expected to end. 

An itinerary to show the travel destinations, or your flight number.

A valid passport.