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Melbourne travel ban to be enforced by the end of the week

A new travel ban on Australians travelling to Australia has been implemented by the state government.Melbourne’s Mayor Clover Moore says the move follows a recommendation by the State Emergency Services Commission (SESC).The SESC recommended that a similar travel ban be imposed by the ACT Government, with the aim of preventing Australians from travelling to other […]

Which countries have the most problems with travel?

Travelling to Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom are some of the most common destinations in Europe where the number of travellers travelling to the countries has fallen in the past few years.Australia’s latest figures show the number has fallen from 11.4 million in the same period to 8.4.In contrast, the United States […]

What to do when you’re travelling to a place that doesn’t allow you to carry your smartphone

What if you’re a tourist who’s planning to visit one of these five countries: Australia, China, New Zealand, India or the United Kingdom?You might want to consider getting your smartphone out of the bag before you make a trip, even if it’s just to use the internet or get directions to places.In Australia, there are […]

How to Avoid Kentucky Travel Restrictions

A Kentucky travel ban has been put on hold.A Kentucky official says the governor’s order does not include travel restrictions for residents of the state.Gov.Matt Bevin says the federal government does not require state permission for entry to the United States and Kentucky has no intention of violating that agreement.The U.S. Embassy in Kentucky says […]

What is the Hawaii travel restriction and when is it in effect?

Travelers who want to visit some of the country’s most beautiful places will have to brace themselves for a significant increase in restrictions.Travelers visiting the Hawaiian islands will have a two-week limit to travel within the state.The two-day limit will be lifted for travelers who fly from Hawaii to the US, the Philippines, or the […]

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