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A guide to the travel restrictions imposed on the United States by the United Nations and other nations, including Saudi Arabia

Travel restrictions are the latest form of diplomacy by the Trump administration.The restrictions are part of a broader effort to curb Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East and push back against Iran’s expansionist regional ambitions.The new restrictions, announced by the White House late Friday, affect travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, […]

How to be safe in Indonesia’s travel ban

The United States has imposed a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, with Australian authorities saying it will apply to people from the country, Australia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.The countries affected are Burma, China, Djibouti, Iran and Pakistan.The US is also restricting travel to and from Turkey.The travel ban affects some Australian citizens.There […]

What is the Hawaii travel restriction and when is it in effect?

Travelers who want to visit some of the country’s most beautiful places will have to brace themselves for a significant increase in restrictions.Travelers visiting the Hawaiian islands will have a two-week limit to travel within the state.The two-day limit will be lifted for travelers who fly from Hawaii to the US, the Philippines, or the […]

Why the US is considering a ban on foreign travel to Mexico

The United States is considering taking a more restrictive stance on foreign travelers, and the US has no idea why.Travel experts say the ban is needed to keep the US from being overrun by illegal immigrants from Central America, but there’s no solid evidence to back it up.Mexico has become the primary transit country for […]

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