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India’s travel restrictions are hurting travel for thousands of travelers

Travelers in India are experiencing the biggest travel restrictions in decades.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the nation Friday, where he will announce a sweeping economic package that would include a plan to overhaul the countrys healthcare system.He will also be expected to address a national assembly session and announce the end […]

How to get around the travel restrictions in Hawaii

The state of Hawaii has announced a total of 23 travel restrictions for Tuesday, November 6.The restrictions range from the most restrictive to the least restrictive.They include: 1.Passengers may only travel on the following: public transportation, public transportation vehicles, ferry boats, ferries, ferrous-steel ferries.2.Passports and ID are required for all passengers on public transportation and […]

What is the Hawaii travel restriction and when is it in effect?

Travelers who want to visit some of the country’s most beautiful places will have to brace themselves for a significant increase in restrictions.Travelers visiting the Hawaiian islands will have a two-week limit to travel within the state.The two-day limit will be lifted for travelers who fly from Hawaii to the US, the Philippines, or the […]

Florida Gov. Rick Scott orders travel restrictions for all state residents as travel advisory remains in place

FLORIDA — Florida Gov, Rick Scott, has issued a travel advisory ordering all residents of the state to adhere to new restrictions that will take effect Jan. 10, according to a press release issued by his office.The travel advisory is part of a package of changes the governor announced earlier this month that included curbing […]

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