Tips For Hiring Tempo Traveller in Chandigarh

Hiring a tempo traveller for a short or long distance requires us to be a little alert these days given many unwanted incidents happening everywhere in the world. Here we are trying to jot down points that you should keep in mind when you are hiring any tempo traveller in Chandigarh for a family holiday or for frequent trips.

1. Search the Web
Now, in the time of technology, web presence is necessary. Whenever, you are looking for hiring tempo traveller in Chandigarh, do check for their web and social media presence. Check out the website, their Facebook page and other relevant social media platforms. Read on some review sites for more information.

2. Consult your Friends and Family
Talk to those in your known who have recently used any of such services. Ask about their experience, whether they would like to use it again, how were the charges, was driver’s behaviour appropriate etc. Well, one should understand that it is about us and our family’s safety. So, you can’t take things likely.

3. Pay a Visit in Person
It is also important that you visit the premises of the tempo traveller service provider whether such a company exists or not. Tell them about your requirement; whether you are looking to rent out the taxi for some days or will it used daily for plying to and from office to home and vice-a-versa.

If for a family vacation, insist on an inclusive package that includes driver’s cost and accommodation, toll tax charges etc. check out the vehicles available with the service provider that they are in good condition and the paper work is up to date. If possible, meet the driver, ask for his driving license.

Ask the service provider whether they have done a background check of the driver, checked for any criminal or civil cases against him at present etc.

4. Talk about pricing
As said earlier, it is important that you take note of the pricing. Sometimes you are charged of things you were not disclosed of earlier. Also, keep a track of the current market prices. Be open to negotiations so that you can strike a steal deal.

Ask about the fuel policy if they have any in place.

5. Inquire about the discount offers
In this age of competition, it is customer’s delight. The tempo traveller in Chandigarh always comes up with many discounts and offers.

Also, if you are going to be a frequent traveller, ask them to work out on customised billing for you.

6. Check out the safety measures
As already discussed, safety is of prime importance. Ask the service provider of the different safety measures they take to ensure the safety of the passengers. Are vehicles GPS enabled? Is there a first aid box available? Do they have all the emergency numbers required at the time of any untoward incident? Is the driver trained in first aid etc? Do they provide another vehicle in case of breakdown or we have to pay for the damages etc.

ST Tour Travels is a Chandigarh based tempo traveller service provider company known for its unparalleled and best customer service. We operate 24/7 days and you can even book online or through phone.

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